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Thermos with cup makes elegant the way to drink water anywhere, anytime

October 2nd, 2023

Sometimes, drinking water in public is not easy, especially with women, if they do not have a cup and the way of drinking may not be pretty or polite. Therefore, bringing along a thermos with cup is extremely handy, then you can drink your water anywhere and anytime in a polite and delicate way.

How does a cup from a thermos work?

In several kinds of thermos, the cover of the lid is too short and is cast into one block to keep heat better. Some manufacturers want to add functions to the thermos by splitting the cover lid into two layers. The lid will be covered by a silicon gasket, which tightly closes the thermos’s mouth and locks the heat inside. Another cover layer outside the silicon gasket that has a large void can be used as a cup.

Thermos equipped with a cup is trending now on the market.

The cover cup is made from PP plastic, a rigid and crystalline thermoplastic used widely in daily objects such as packaging trays, household products, battery cases, medical devices etc. thanks to its safety to human health. The cup can hold water of up to 100 degrees Celsius without releasing poisonous chemicals.

Exceptional features of the cover cup from Rang Dong thermos model 0538 N1.E

Most of Rang Dong thermoses are designed to have a cup for customers’ convenience. Especially, model 0538 N1.E has exceptional features since it has a two-layer cover cup.

The cup is created with two-layer

The two-layer cup can be separated easily and used as two separate cups. That is helpful in sharing water, tea, coffee with the companion. Especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, when personal belongings should be used separately and kept clean, the two-layer cup helps improve connection while keeping us safe.

The cup is coated with waterproof material, so water won’t stay in the cup after drinking, which helps keep it clean and dry.

The two-layer structure helps protect the hand from the heat when hot water is poured from the bottle

Thermos with cups keep us away from embarrassing situations

When we drink coffee directly from the thermos, the coffee may spill on our clothes. Or else, a friend asks for some water, while we do not want to give the whole thermos. A cup from a thermos will be extremely useful.

If the water inside is too hot, we can pour it into the cup, so it can cool down quickly.

In comparison to the thermos with no cups, the one equipped with a cup is definitely more helpful and convenient. It is a product of convenience from everyone.

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