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Jallab drink makes popular summer beverage in Levant countries

October 2nd, 2023

Jallab drink, or simply Jallab, is one of the most popular drinks in the Middle East, especially in the Levant countries such as Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. The beverage is usually served with ice, making it a favorite in summer. Jallab can be consumed during Ramadan since it is a sweet and non-alcoholic drink, the recipe of which is simple. Please scroll further down with our article here.

Jallab drink common ingredients

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Date molasses is the main ingredient to make Jallab drink.

The first key ingredient to make Jallab drink is Jallab syrup, which can be date, carob, grape syrup or molasses. All of these syrups give the drink a caramel and dark-red color. We can easily buy them in the supermarket. In case we want to make it ourselves, the recipe should be available online and it’s not too hard to follow.

The second ingredient is rose water for cooking. The rose water will create a floral taste for Jallab. Moreover, we also use water, pine nuts and raisins.

Apart from these basic and key ingredients to make a simple common jallab drink, some people may want to enhance the sweet taste by adding honey or increase fragrance by using incense.

Jallab drink recipe

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Users can freely add their favorite nuts like pistachios, cashews or almonds  besides traditional pine nuts and raisins.

We can make our own jallab with just three simple steps below.

Step 1: Add 3 tablespoons of jallab molasses and 1 teaspoon of rose water to a tall glass (around 400 ml capacity).

Step 2: Add 350 ml of water (at normal temperature) to the glass and stir the mixture well.

Step 3: Add 1 tablespoon of pine nuts mixed with raisins and ice cubes or crushed ice to the glass. Now a finished jallab is ready to serve.

Jallab - A Floral Middle Eastern Drink with Rose Water and Date Molasses

The final jallab drink has a refreshing caramel or dark red color.

The jallab drink tastes slightly sweet and refreshing. It has the floral smell of rose and pleasant nutty smell of pine nuts. We can freely adjust the amount of the ingredients for our own taste.

Jallab drink benefits

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Jallab drink is high in nutrition, bringing us a healthy and happy life.

All ingredients used to make jallab are nutritious food and good for human health. The date molasses has many antioxidants, preventing our cell from damage due to aging and lack of immunity. The grape molasses help strengthen our bones and teeth, reduce constipation. The carob molasses is good for our heart and digestive system. The nuts and seeds added to the drink also prevent our body from the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Jallab itself is a perfect refreshing beverage for summer time.  Let’s make one for our family and friends.

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