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Kopi luwak, on of the best coffee with unique flavor

October 2nd, 2023

Kopi luwak is considered as the premium coffee, given its unique flavor is obtained from a process in which coffee beans are eaten by palm civets, fermented and passed through the cat-like animal’s intestines. Then these beans are collected and processed to become one of the world’s top quality coffee. Let’s check it out for more details about kopi luwak in the following article.

General information

In Indonesian language, “kopi” means coffee, while “luwak” means civet. The animal would use its sensitive sense of smell to pick and eat the best ripened cherries, which could be a mix of arabica and robusta varieties. The cherries are partially digested, and the fermented beans are excreted. Thanks to the civet’s enzymes, the roasted coffee beans become harder, crispier and have more flavors than the other coffee types.

The name Kopi is the calling voice for “coffee” of The Dutch farmers in Java island of Indonesia. These farmers accidently found out the coffee beans in Luwak’s poop (Kuwak is the name of one civet) still unchanged, then dried them and processed them to become a good drink. Therefore, the Dutch call civet poop coffee with another name Kopi Luwak.

Types of kopi luwak

Wild kopi luwak

This is an extremely rare type, which is processed from poops of wild civets. They can freely choose their most favorite coffee cherries, therefore, the flavor of the kopi luwak is distinctive and especially delicious. The price of this wild coffee is among the world’s most expensive coffee.

Cà phê chồn nuôi tự nhiên

Wild civets always choose their most favorite coffee cherries

Farmed kopi luwak

In farms civets are brought up in cages and eat the coffee cherries which are fed to them by farmers. Therefore, the beans in their poops don’t get the best smell.

Cà phê chồn nuôi trong trang trại

Farmed civets have to eat coffee cherries in their cage

Preparing a cup of kopi luwak

Civet coffee has been tasted by many, partially thanks to its story of origin. While there are ways to make a hot kopi luwak, we would like to introduce a simple way that anyone can do and enjoy the best coffee.

Step 1: Prepare an amount of roasted civet coffee powder, an aluminum filter (often used for making Vietnamese coffee), a cup.

Step 2: Put 20 grams of the coffee powder into the filter, then place the mesh onto the powder, press the mesh. Place all of them onto a cup.

Cách pha cà phê chồn

An aluminum filter is normally used to make coffee using coffee powder

Step 3: Pour boiling water gradually into the filter, then cover the filter with a lid. We can see the coffee liquid drain down to the cup. Be patient and wait while drops of coffee are falling down slowly. It takes about 2-3 minutes for the amount of 20 grams of kopi luwak powder.

Step 4: Lift the filter, add sugar, milk or ice cubes at your own taste. Stir the mixture and enjoy the kopi luwak.

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