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Lassi recipe or way to make Pakistani traditional, yet most favorite summer drink

October 2nd, 2023

Men making and selling lassi on the street of Pakistan in summer is a popular scene as Pakistani people need an effective way to cool down the body heat due to the extremely harsh summer here. Lassi recipe is simple, yet it is a drink loved by people in several South Asian countries. Let’s check it out!

Why do Pakistani people love lassi?

Glasses of classic lassi, a yogurt-based drink popular in Pakistan.

‘Lassi’ is a drink made from yogurt blended with fruits and ice cubes. The beverage is of Indian origin and which has gained popularity also in Pakistan. Classic lassi recipe just have yogurt and ice cubes, while adding fruits is the new trending lassi recipe of Pakistani teenagers nowadays. The sweet and sour taste of yogurt combined with the ice cold will dispel the heat and refresh the drinker’s emotion. A cup of lassi between working shifts is the most favorite thing of Pakistani.

Lassi recipe in classic way

For ingredients:

-          Three cups of plain yogurt

-          Two cups of whole milk

-          Ice cubes (as needed)

-          One teaspoon of salt or three teaspoons of sugar (depending on the preference of sweet or salty lassi)

To get started, let combine all the ingredients in a blender and blend until completely smooth then serve immediately.

To make a new trending lassi recipe, just add favorite fruits and blend well with all the above ingredients. The most favorite fruits include mango, cardamom, blueberry, banana, avocado as well as mint etc

Lassi can go with mint.

The difference between Pakistani lassi recipe and that in India

Lassi is the oldest smoothie in India and also one of the most favorite beverages, it flocks the streets and eateries not just in northern India, but across the subcontinent during the hot season.

Indian lassi recipe is almost the same as Pakistani, but some Indians want to challenge themself by adding spices like cumin seeds and find joy when drinking.

Health benefits

Aids digestion

The classic lassi is based on yogurt which contains lactobacilli, the healthy bacteria that helps aid in smooth digestion.

Prevents stomach problems

Adding salt to the lassi recipe is one the natural remedy for stomach bloating, which helps in preventing constipation and other stomach problems as well. Adding spices like roasted ground jeera for a change of taste and flavor is also helpful for the stomach.

Lassi helps prevent stomach problems.

Good source of probiotics

Regular consumption of classic lassi helps promote the growth of healthy bacteria and reduces the growth of bad bacteria in the intestines. 

Improves bone health

Lassi is rich in calcium, thus it is an excellent way to make our bones stronger. It can improve our overall bone and dental health to a great extent.

Boosts immune system

Lassi is a rich source of lactic acid and Vitamin D, so adding lassi to our daily diet can boost the immune system to a great extent. It prepares the body to combat diseases of various kinds.

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