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Tips on how to drinking Cappuccino like a true Italian

October 2nd, 2023

While Cappuccino, one of the world’s most popular coffee drinks, is widely available in any coffee shop, it is hard to make a good and splendid one even though it is just an espresso with steamed milk or foamed milk. Let’s take a look at how Cappuccino is consumed in Italy, the world’s capital of coffee.

Breakfast with Cappuccino and pastry


Having coffee and pastry for breakfast is very common in Italy.

In Italy, a normal person can drink up to seven or eight cups of coffee a day. They have coffee at any time of the day but the most popular time to get a cup is at breakfast. We can easily catch sight of an Italian having his breakfast with a Cappuccino and pastry. Cappuccino should be enjoyed before, during or after the meal. The Italians consider this espresso-based drink served with steamed milk is a digestive drink.

Places to get Cappuccino


Coffee, and Cappuccino in particular, can be enjoyed at bars, restaurants or at home.

In the world’s capital of coffee, coffee is available almost everywhere, at bars, cafes, restaurants and at home. Please note that they sell coffee at bars in Italy. In other words, a bar means café here. Having a coffee at a bar in the evening or even in the morning is pretty normal.

Standing at a bar


Standing at the bar will save a lot of money compared to sitting at the table.

A seat behind a table for coffee may come along with a surcharge in Italy, especially near tourist areas. Therefore, most of the time the locals love to stand at the bar having their Cappuccino while hanging out with friends. Just only when we are too tired to stand, sitting at a table will do. It shouldn’t be a surprise seeing people having their coffee while standing.

No Cappuccino after 11 a.m.


Drinking Cappuccino after 11 a.m. may leave a bad effect on the stomach.

The reason Italians don’t drink Cappuccino after 11 a.m. is that they think steamed milk makes the stomach heavy all day long. As a result, no restaurant serves Cappuccino after that time. An order placed for a cappuccino in the afternoon may trigger some “weird” look. Some might conclude that it comes from an “innocent” visitor.

These are actually some facts to know before visiting Italy and to get prepared before drinking Cappuccino like a true Italian. If the drink is not high on the list, there are many other coffee drinks in Italy. Many famous coffee names originate from the country, like Macchiato, Espresso or Caffe Latte.

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