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Vacuum flask gift set - best way to express love, gratitude

October 2nd, 2023

A simple yet meaningful gift, whether in kind or of spiritual value, should bring joy and a sense of excitement to the recipient. In order to choose the right gift, the giver must invest much time in learning many things related to the recipient. However, we can always make it simple yet heart warming. We will look at how a vacuum flask gift set, produced by Vietnam's Rang Dong, could be sufficient to bring happiness to the recipient.

Gift for parents

Year-end holidays, including Christmas or New Year festival, are often the time when people away from home would arrange work and return to their homeland to meet and comfort their parents. At the time of family reunion, gifts for the elderly people in Asian families are always carefully prepared. The gifts carry wishes for health, peace and prosperity, showing appreciation, gratitude, and passionate attachment of the giver to the family.

Rang Dong’s vacuum flask, model DR-1055 TS can make a decent gift set.

Also in Asian traditions, since healthcare needs are always valued and prioritized for the elderly, functional food, nutritional food, herbal tea, and support items make practical choices. A collection of vacuum flask gift set for grandparents and parents will help ensure the heat and the taste of the drink for the loved ones.

Gifts for friends

True friendship is always caring, helping, listening and understanding in the most difficult times. In order to cultivate that friendship requires sincere affection from both sides, generous forgiveness, mutual understanding and compassion.

Rang Dong’s vacuum flask, model DR-1355 TS, could make another suggestion to reinforce ties.

A vacuum flask gift set helps strengthen friendship. On holidays, visiting a friend, a cup of water poured from a gift thermos would be so heart warming. Besides, at year-end meetings of friends and groups, holding a commemorative gift engraved with their name is also a way for people to remember each other.

Gifts for partners

Businesses consider the end of the year an opportunity to summarize and re-evaluate what they have done, as well as an opportunity to express gratitude to their staff, partners, and customers who have accompanied them throughout the year.

Many organizations always attach great importance to giving year-end gifts to customers because this shows not only gratitude for customers' support and corporate culture, but also a long-term marketing strategy and the affirmation of the brand. A decent gift would help significantly consolidate the relationship and loyalty of customers to the company's products and services.

Not only giving thank-you gifts to customers, but businesses also send gifts to employees, and even to their loved ones to show their gratitude for their contributions during the year. For such an act, the business can gain love and absolute score in the eyes of its employees, keeping them loyal.

Rang Dong’s vacuum flask, model RD-1040 TS is designed with a nicely decorated box.

The collection of hot water thermos for businesses with a modern design will be an extremely interesting suggestion. Products with a logo printed, and business information sent with ‘Thank you’ cards will make strong impression among partners, customers, and employees. With the above meanings, gifts from specially designed thermos can bring messages of love and sincere thanks to relatives, friends, and partners.

Should you have any questions or request a quotation of Rang Dong products, please send us an email to: export@rangdong.com.vn.

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