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Thermos lunch box – the most popular item in modern life

October 2nd, 2023

Work and life pressure often leads us to choose the most convenient items for a better life. The thermos lunch box must be the ideal choice for students and office staff as it helps store hot food for half a day, giving us a chance to enjoy a good lunch prepared in the morning. Let's take a closer look at this item in the following article. 

A thermos lunch box 

It's common to see people, mostly white-collar employees, carrying lunch boxes to work in cities. The sign becomes more popular as soon as an epidemic emerges. It means people care more about their health, and prefer to eat their lunch in the office to eating out. 

There are several types of lunch boxes. While some types just function as a food container, the most popular type, also known as thermos lunch boxes, are used to store hot food. It can be more useful in case of lacking access to a microwave. 

A lunch box is designed in several styles which can contain four to five dishes separately. It normally comes with a cylinder or rectangular parallelepiped shape, in various colors and with space for a spoon, a fork or chopsticks. Here are some popular styles of a lunch box, which is used widely in many countries. 


Several typical types of thermos lunch box 

 A good thermos lunch box can keep hot for a long time, often for 6 hours, meaning the temperature of foods decreases about 10 degrees after 6 hours. If we prepare our lunch in the morning, a good thermos lunch box should keep the meal hot by noon. 

Characteristics of one good lunch box 

In August 2022, a CNN story listed 15 best lunch boxes for adults and kids. They include OmieBox Bento Box for Kids, Tarlini Bento Box Set, Easylunchboxes 3-Compartment Lunch Containers, PlanetBox Stainless Steel Lunch Box, Ecozoi Stainless Steel Lunch Box and several other types. Most of them can be bought online at Amazon or Walmart. 


A Bento box is well-known and convenient for kids 


This Tarlini Bento Box is safe with a microwave and dishwasher. 



Ecozoi Stainless Steel Lunch Box can be bought at Amazon. 

 The price of these lunch boxes has a wide range, depending on the material used. Stainless steel boxes tend to have higher prices, while plastic ones are cheaper. 

The safe stainless steel material and safe plastic material for food containers are SUS304 and PP or ABS, respectively. The product made of these high-quality materials must be able to keep hot food for at least 6 hours. 

Moreover, these materials are safe in microwaves and dishwashers. People often choose these food jars with this feature so they can have their hot meal. Heating of the food is also useful, as experts say, because it can kill harmful bacteria and protect us from getting sick. 

These food containers  are designed in various shapes. Some look like a tray with several bowls. Others can be a set of tray on tray. The size of the lunch box is not too big nor too small, as it should keep enough food providing sufficient nutrition for at least a single serve. That means it should be large enough to store rice or noodles, meat, soup and vegetables, along with fruit. 

Many people prefer eating foods cooked by their dears to fast-foods. So they surely own a lunch box to enjoy their favorite meals. 

Many people choose to have their thermos lunch box also because it can help them save some money. Eating out surely costs much more than having home-cooked foods. Besides, we may not be certain if street foods are safe, so having the meal with safe ingredients from reliable hands is the best choice. 

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